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We don't take pre-orders on bags. We make new bags every week; those bags go onto the website every Thursday evening at 7:30pm ET. So, if you are looking for a particular bag/style, please check in on the website then.


I can't get a bottle bag, they are sold out. why?

The Bottle Bag is a bestseller and it does tend to sell out within 30 minutes each Thursday evening. If the Bottle Bag page is showing 'out of stock' for all items, don't worry. 


We are continuing to make more as quickly and safely as we can; there will be more chances to get one.



Currently, we do not.

Normally, we do. We want to maintain the highest possible level of safety for our team members that are continuing to work.


Can I reserve a bag?

We do not reserve bags.


I ordered a bag online but it hasn't arrived. why?

Due to increased demands on mail carriers during the COVID-19 pandemic, deliveries are moving more slowly.  When your bag ships from our studio, we will email you a tracking number (Canada Post); please follow the progress of your order there. You can also contact Canada Post by telephone, with your tracking number, if you want to confirm the location of your parcel at a given time.


How do I buy one of your bags?

You can purchase our bags here on our website. We ship all orders as quickly as possible from our studio in St. John's.

Add your item to your cart and proceed through to checkout. Our website accepts secure payment via credit card and PayPal.

Currently, our website shows many items as 'sold out' but we do a large re-stock every Thursday evening.


Are you releasing a Spring/Summer Collection?

Normally, we release a large Spring+Summer collection each year. Unfortunately, 2020 circumstances prevent us from putting together a full seasonal collection.

But! That being said, we will still be releasing smaller, limited edition collections... so, be sure to keep an eye out for those.


What is your return policy?

You can find our return policy by clicking here.


I messaged/emailed you but I haven't gotten a response.

This is totally uncharacteristic of us; normally, we respond within 24 hours.

However, lots of things have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes are not permanent.  Our support staff will return after the pandemic and speedy responses will resume.

For now, we are working on a weekly newsletter that will answer commonly asked questions and provide updates.  Sign up for the newsletter here.

We will also continue to add to this page as needed.


Most Importantly!

Please tune into our social media platforms. We are trying to be especially active on Instagram so that we can keep you informed quickly and also, we want to feel connected to you!

Instagram allows us to reach lots of people at once, we love that.

Megan will be doing videos throughout the week as well and you can always let us know if there's anything you'd like to see her talk about.

Click here for our Instagram

Click here for our Facebook


I love your fabrics. Can I buy them?

Currently, we don't sell our fabrics but we're working towards it!

All of our fabrics are designed by Megan and are copyright of Ragmaw Design House Inc. 


The images on the fabrics are hand-drawn by Megan (with a pencil and paper, old school!) and then digitized for printing onto various materials.

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