Each Ragmaw handbag is carefully crafted by hand in our studio+showroom, located on the Atlantic coast of Canada - in St. John's, Newfoundland. 


Ragmaw was started in 2013 by owner and designer, Megan Jackman. It started out as a small venture with an unknown direction.  Over the years, Ragmaw has grown into a well-worn Canadian brand. Several studio expansions, new product lines, and additional employees have all helped to send more Ragmaw bags out into the world. 


Megan's unique design and production process balances style with durability. Each bag should be beautiful and eye-catching but, also, strong enough to explore your journey with you.

Megan was born in Newfoundland and is a self-taught textile artist.  She spent most of her childhood with her grandparents - where she learned sewing and leatherwork skills.  

Megan draws the designs for her fabrics by hand, so that each bag features a special piece of art with a special story. Some of our fabrics are handprinted here in St. John's while some are digitally printed in Canada and the USA.


Megan loves traveling, meeting new people and creating.  She lives and works in St. John's.

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